My 90 year old mother in law was a resident in JASMINE for a year. Started in rehab, then to skilled care. The care she received was exemplary. Her family lives in Florida which can be very challenging (especially with covid). She came in with stage 3 wounds, which were healed in a few months, in addition, she had several bouts with pneumonia and has chronic CHF which was managed very well. I have full confidence in her care (I am a nurse).
The communication was excellent.

We had documents that needed to be signed and without Amber ( social work ) and Emory (activities) it would have been impossible.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all nursing and administrative staff, especially Shirley in the business office, Tyke, Regina and Portia in nursing.

She recently passed away peacefully. She (and we) were treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

Terrie H.

I came to Brushy Creek in September 2019 for rehab. I have gotten very sick and been hospitalized before coming here with hopes of a quick recovery. My recovery did not go as planned and I eventually converted to a long-term cottage thinking that Brushy Creek would become my forever home. Even though it has taken a full year, the staff here has never given up on me and thanks to their hard work and perseverance I am finally doing well enough to go home and feel terrific. The therapist here have been absolutely amazing and I must give a special thanks to Regina Knuckles. She is a CNA in the Jasmine cottage and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is one of the most caring and kind hearted people I have ever met and there have been days I don’t think I would have made it without her. While I am so excited to be going home with my family I will certainly miss the staff here who have always been loving and kind.

Dixie C.

I had the pleasure of doing my rehab at Brushy Creek Post acute for two weeks in August and had a wonderful experience. The food was fantastic, Therapy was very diligent and very nice when working with me and when the cottage staff found out I love gospel music, someone brought in their own radio and CD player with Gospel CDs for me to keep in my room. This would definitely be the only place I would ever want to go.

Veronica E.

I call Brushy Creek Post acute my forever home, I have been here for almost one year. My post is mainly to sing the praises of one particular CNA here. I live in the Rose Cottage and one of the primary CNA’s in here is Tanya G. on day shift. She is the one of the most amazing, caring, and compassionate people at this facility and I’m so happy that she too calls Rose her Brushy Creek home. She is always quick to respond with a smile on her face and I look forward to the days that I know she is working.

Charles M.

I went here for rehab in mid June and discharged on Aug 20, 2020. I lovingly refer to Brushy Creek as the Taj Mahal because it is so beautiful and clean. I cannot say enough about how wonderful my stay was here. Too many amazing staff to mention and I was overwhelmed with how many came to tell me goodbye and wish me well in the two days before my discharge. I can’t imagine I could have been treated any better anywhere else.

Jeffrey J.

I’ve been to Brushy Creek twice for short term care, and both times, the Care was amazing. The staff really cares for their patients and the facility is extremely clean! It doesn’t smell like a nursing facility or hospital. The food is very good and they will prepare it as needed (if it needs to be purées or mechanical, they will fix it accordingly). The therapists are also amazing! I have been in an assisted living facility now for almost a full year (one week shy), and my health has greatly declined, and so I am heading back to Brushy Creek for more rehab and then to a nursing facility. But I can’t say enough good things about Brushy Creek! I recommend them to anyone and everyone!!!

Shannon J.

I came to Brushy Creek on August 5 as an admission to one of their Covid cottages. While I came as a very sick person, the staff here worked hard and took very good care of me. I have not only recovered but I have been able to move out to a regular cottage and continue my therapy. Thanks to the staff here I am well on my way to being able to go home.

Clemmie P.

Fantastic place for your loved ones to receive therapy. Beautiful facility, spectacular therapy, excellent overall experience. Highly recommend Brushy Creek.

Mark M.

Gratitude and positive shout outs for all the caregivers in Rose Cottage! You will always be Cottage of the Month to my Mom and our family and friends. My Mom received caring, compassionate, and highly competent care even with the pandemic going on. She arrived on a stretcher, rolled out in a wheelchair, and is walking at home using her new walker skills.

Thank you to all aides, all therapists, all nurses, all Nurse Practitioners, all Doctors, all Social Workers, and all administrative and support staff!

You are the best!

Beth F.

My mother in law was a resident at this facility in the forsythia cottage. My husband and I were naturally anxious because we could not see her during this period of COVID-19 to ensure that she was getting the care she needed. I’ve heard so many terrible things about these types of facilities but social worker Kate stayed in constant communication with me and my husband and gave us updates on her care. She was able to calm a lot of fears. We are grateful for the time and wonderful staff. I would highly recommend this facility. Exceptional service!

Asia J.